Recently, on a warm summer day, FLP employees gathered for the 2010 sponsor golf tournament. We all feel that this year was a great success to say the least! The tournament was held at the beautiful Stone Creek Golf Course, where we were all provided with tables, chairs, food and games. This year we had seventy four people signed up to play and participate in the tournament. There was a great turn out which provided a fun day for all of us.

This year, all of the sponsor companies had to be creative and come up with their own games at the event. Whomever won would end up with the “best hole sponsor contest prize.” Here is the game that Sarah, a FLP employee, came up with: “Everyone who came to our hole had to chip a marshmallow in to one of the two hula hoops or the bucket in the middle, which was the grand prize.  At the end someone actually managed to chip it into the bucket and was awarded the bucket to take home.” Our team thought that we would hands down win the prize, but unfortunately we did not. The real champions were Cascade Windows! Not exactly your typical golf tournament, but it was surely a great twist.

Following all of the fun, we had an amazing dinner, to mingle and enjoy the great food. This event was everything we hoped for. It was a great opportunity to network with other companies, especially with the main event sponsor Contract Furnishing Mart. We can only hope that next year will be as successful. We send a huge thanks to Stone Creek Golf Course for providing us with all of the fun and excitement!


~ by Fine Line Pacific on August 11, 2010.

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