Purchase a Private Island::

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Today I came across a wonderful article from HGTV about kitchen islands and how they are a priceless addition to your kitchen. They add a beautiful design element and are quite functional as well. Here are a few ways a kitchen island can benefit you and your family.

  1. They provide extra workspace
  2. They can be used for dining
  3. You can add a stove top or a prep sink
  4. They add additional storage space with drawers or open shelves
  5. It can be utilized as bar style seating
  6. Great spot for preparing meals
  7. You can use it for serving buffet style meals
  8. Great spot for doing homework or work on your laptop

Check out the photos below to get an idea of what one could look like in your kitchen.


Classic Bathrooms and Beyond::

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Happy Friday!

For those of us who like to decorate, updating your bathroom can be an extremely gratifying investment of your money and your time. When you begin you will want to find a style that fits you. One great idea is to create a classis and elegant vintage style bathroom; one that will not quickly become outdated. You can get inspired by vintage architecture, for example  American Bungalow magazine, museums, and interior magazines. Try and capture a specific period with the right colors, fixtures (for example ones that have flourishes). Then decorate with antiques and make it your own by using family photos.  Just remember have fun and keep it classic! 
Do you like the classic vintage look or would you prefer a more modern style?

Greek Traditions ::

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Traditional Greek food has always been one of my favorite foods, because there is nothing quite like it. I found a restaurant right here in Seattle who serves divine Greek dishes, with texture, spice and lots of flavor. These culinary dishes have been around for centuries and they have stuck with many of us because of its unique taste.  Coastal Kitchen, right is Capital Hill, invites everyone to join them for a six course menu which is designed my Chef Todd Togerson, with selected wines, music, culture, and of course mouth watering Greek food. The event is Wed. Sept. 1 at 6:30 PM, and for more information you can visit http://www.seattle-eats.com/ or contact Eli at coastalkitchen@seattle-eats.com. What is your favorite Greek dish?

Back to School:: Recipe

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Here is a quick and healthy meal idea for back to school. When your kids are getting ready to head to school, whip up this tasty meal. A parfait made with yogurt, cereal, granola, and fresh fruit layered in tall sundae glasses. It looks like desert but really it’s a great alternative; of course they don’t have to know that.  This breakfast can be made in a matter of minutes, and its “yummy” too.

Kitchen Plus: Seminar Winery Event

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Best Under $20

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Looking for a steal on great home interiors? Here are just a few really great finds for under $20! Today it is really hard to find deals on purchases for your home, because we want to have good quality and great design, and get them for the right price. So here are a few that would be hard to pass up.

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#1. Gallery Frame: 13 x 13  :: $19.00, Store: West Elm

#2. Audrey Organic Bath Towels  :: $9 and up, Store: Pottery Barn

#3. Lacquer Nut Bowl  :: $4,  Store: West Elm

#4. Small Open Bin   :: $5.99,  Store: West Elm

#5. Bell Pepper Dishtowel    :: $4.95Store: Crate & Barrel

#6. Boys’ Collapsible Storage  :: $10.00,  Store: Pottery Barn Kids

Daily thought ::

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“The Odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.”

-Erma Bombeck

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